February 12

Digital Marketing Do’s and Don’ts – EvergreenFeed Blog


Marketing has moved from billboards and newspaper ads to the internet, making digital marketing a cornerstone of business marketing strategy. To succeed in digital marketing, don’t try to market to everyone on every channel, but focus on your audience and the best places to reach them. Use automation to save time and reduce costs, but don’t automate everything. You still need personal interaction. It further helps to have a strategy for publishing, to repurpose old content, and to make use of analytic tools. Also, try to be consistent in your messaging and to be mobile-friendly. The “don’ts” of digital marketing include overlooking content marketing and SEO. Both are necessities. Additionally, don’t be shy about getting personal on social media.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t try to be on every social media channel; instead, target those where your audience is.
  • Use automation tools to save you time and money, but don’t automate every interaction.
  • Don’t neglect search engine optimization; do proper keyword research and use online tools such as Yoast.

“Evaluate your ideal consumer and how you can gain their attention and ultimately establish trust. This is where the buyer persona can come into play. Create one before implementing your marketing strategy.”

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