March 15

Plagiarism Free Content: Importance In SEO – SEO Sandwitch Blog


When it comes to publishing content and trying to make it valuable in search engine optimization, you want to make sure that it is plagiarism free. In the simplest terms, plagiarism is when you present someone else’s content as your own. You can even use a software to check for this such as a plagiarism checker. When it comes to SEO, any content that is found to be guilty of plagiarism will have a highly negative impact on your rankings.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is software that you can use such as a plagiarism checker to make sure that you can identify if any of your work has been plagiarized.
  • Plagiarism in simplest form is presenting someone else’s work as your own without crediting them.
  • Try to avoid creating a doorway page as well as producing automatically generated content on a frequent basis.

“If the content is not original and informative, then your SEO campaign won’t generate the desired results.”

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