March 17

The 3 Strategic Pillars Behind Every Winning Content Strategy


A successful content marketing strategy is built on three pillars: why, who and how. An example of this is Northwell Health. In 2017, they launched The Well with the goal of improving trust in the brand, growing its audience, and increasing referrals (the “why’s”). Northwell studied its audience (“who”) and then added content providing accurate and trustworthy COVID health info (“how”). The results were positive. Dela, a funeral business cooperative in Belgium, and NRMA, focused on caravanning in Australia, took similar approaches. SAP’s content platform further provides an example of how to align all three pillars, with a special emphasis on SEO and evergreen content. Ultimately, a winning strategy accomplishes more than the sum of its pillars.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dela is a funeral business that helps to facilitate with tough decisions, using empathy and reliability.
  • NRMA has an interest in making RV traveling tourism much more frequent and they are trying to expand beyond retired people.
  • Sloways is an insight driven experience that helps to divert leisure travelers from speedy highways to regional towns.

“Many skilled and experienced marketers still struggle to understand what’s so difficult about content marketing.”

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