March 16

Your Small Business in a Big Search Engine World – Bizness Apps


For small businesses, there are ways to increase search engine traffic that don’t require huge budgets. To start, remember that Google isn’t the only search engine out there and that your focus should be on local SEO. Make sure you have a strong presence on Yelp, which boasts nearly 150 million views each month. Another idea is to stay active on social media, although not on every platform. Use it to socialize with your customers. Create videos, such as tutorials or demonstrations, on YouTube. It also helps to answer questions as an expert on Quora (but don’t use it for sales). Ultimately, understand that SEO isn’t just about Google.

Key Takeaways:

  • Search engines are very important but you need to make sure you aren’t limited yourself to just Google.
  • Try to focus on local SEO as that can help you if you are a small business with reaching new customers.
  • Try to strengthen your presence by getting a Yelp page and then taking feedback from your customers.

“Take a look at these ways to increase that foot traffic using search engines that are more conducive to small businesses without big box SEO budgets.”

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