March 4

6 Ways to Leverage Social Media for Lead Generation | Mention


Lead generation can be challenging, but there are ways to leverage social media to fulfill the task. To generate social media leads, advertise on Facebook. Another idea is to use social media quizzes that intrigue your audience. Try Typeform, a free provider of interactive quiz templates. Micro-influencers can also help with lead generation. They provide a better investment than more expensive mega-influencers. Social media listening is another tool for gathering leads. This involves monitoring social media mentions, tracking hashtags, and engaging in conversations. It also helps to participate in relevant social communities, such as on Reddit. Consider live-streaming on social media as well. Ultimately, social media lead generation isn’t about numbers and algorithms, it’s about people and communication.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lead generation is focused on creating and promoting new content in order to get new customers.
  • Lead nurturing is more about strengthening current relationships that you already have with qualified leads.
  • It is a great idea to advertise on Facebook as there are almost 3 billion people active on the platform.

“Those days are gone when salespeople went from door-to-door trying to persuade a whole neighborhood of people to buy their new line of washing detergent.”

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