February 9

Blending Paid Social with Organic Social


Initially, social media marketing was viewed as a way to build organic engagement. Now, many marketers are finding ways to support it with paid ad campaigns. Created content is shared, liked and followed on social media, then highlighted and promoted through paid ads. Sponsored blog posts, Google PPC, and Facebook Ads can all be utilized. Lead generation is achieved through a mix of advertising, public relations, and referrals. The key to this approach is to emphasize the organic side first, then add paid social support once some level of engagement has been reached.

Key Takeaways:

  • Try to be engaging with your paid content as it make it feel more organic
  • Various tools can also help your content become more organic
  • Ensure that the content you are making is good content that people will like.

“The key to the effectiveness of this approach resides in building the organic side first.”

Read more: https://ducttapemarketing.com/blending-paid-social-with-organic-social/


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