February 7

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As Google’s algorithms have become smarter, content marketing has grown in importance. Some have argued that content can replace SEO, but in truth, they should work together. To create content that people want to read, conduct keyword research (although content shouldn’t merely be stuffed with keywords). Establishing authorship on your content will boost click-through rates and establish authority. Authority will in turn encourage people to share your work on social media. This will increase your audience size and improve your online presence.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can use the data that you are given from your marketing and apply it to your SEO or vice versa
  • Various social media platforms also use SEO strategies and Content Marketing.
  • Using Content Marketing and SEO strategies together will provide great results.

“By implementing authorship on your website and having your name displayed in search results, you will improve your click-through rate and establish your authority as an author.”

Read more: https://www.highlevelmarketing.com/blog/Search-Traffic—Where-Content-Marketing-and-SEO-Intersect_AE165.html


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