March 25

Striking a Balance Between Creativity and SEO


Communication is what makes relationships work. This includes online business relationships between companies and their customers. To gain and then retain customers it is crucial to keep them updated and in the loop. Customers should know about upcoming offerings, new products, and the very latest intel about what makes their needs a good fit with what you have to offer. It need not, nor should be all sales related. Target in on what your customer really wants and needs and offer the best advice and info possible to become indispensable to your audience. Use polls and social media and other open-ended question and comment venues to try and understand what your audience wants to know and learn about. This is also a great way to find and develop good keyword usage for SEO. To get the best results from SEO efforts ensure that your site is highly readable, clean, easy to navigate and interesting, as well as germane to your industry in every way. For great ideas, surf over to your competitor’s site and see if they are doing something that may work for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Start by using words that are relevant to your SEO on top of being intelligent.
  • Look at the competition and see what they are doing to becoming successful.
  • You can check on your own SEO to make sure that is it up to your expectations.

“Part of your research should be listening to your target audience (or potential target audience) to discover what they want to read because of its relevancy, appropriateness, and value.”

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